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The time for change is now!

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edited May 2017
#1 Bring back Littman
#2 Hire a former coach and from what Iv'e seen, a goalie coach as well
#3 Pack it up and concentrate on Fiffa
Think outside of the box and stop looking within the company. If it's a cheap product you want to spew out? get out of the game. Thats it.
Once EA is done with it, 2K will hopefully jump back in. Not sure if that will be great or not but whatever.


  • CrushNHL
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    Option #4: Stop trying to make a hockey game that they obviously can't/won't/don't have the resources to make with horrifying skating and netcode. Just stop the charade and make a highly customizable arcade game that is silky smooth online and responsive on the controller.
  • mhandymanb
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    The game is essentially a crap shoot or practically a predetermined win regardless of teammates and opponents.

    I even noticed this is BAP that I started awhile ago. I scored 4 goals in the first period. Computer would tie it up for the opposing team. I'd score my 6, computer would tie it up, I'd score 9 goals and the computer would score enough when I'm on the bench to tie it up or go ahead.

    If EA wants a goal, tie game, winner in OT they'll most likely get it The whole game and in any mode it's just an entire crap shoot. .
  • #BringBackBrickTop
  • I hardly ever agree with these kind of posts but it's time to realize this game needs too much improvements and NHL 18 will NOT have those improvements in it. That's a fact.
  • I vote Littman.
  • Sgt_Kelso
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    I too think the time for change is now - concerning NHL19 and onwards. It's too late to make any significant changes to NHL18, surely?
  • Pycnotic
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    The biggest change they need to make is to go every two years for releases, have a $30 update option that you can buy in the off year, that gives you updated rosters and access to the new features they want to add. They do not have the development capability to maintain yearly releases
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