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Ice tilt is real!!!!

I know everyone is going to have their opinion. But I watched it all unfold last night on T.V. when the Oilers couldn't touch the puck or do anything to stop the Ducks.
So screw you EA and fix the game.
Time to go buy another pack.


  • PadrinoIV
    900 posts Member
    Man this is good.
  • I honestly was sitting there thinking of all the times I have said or have read that there is no way that could ever happen in real life.
    Down by 3 with less than 4 min. left.
    I still almost broke TV and controller, but I do have to apologize EA......it is in the game
  • My Sens were ice tilting the Rangers but it looks like Rangers have mastered the lag switch in order to break the neutral zone trap.
  • Xeforer
    17 posts Member
    edited May 2017
    The only difference being that in real life it happens once a season at best, but in the game you can have 5 matches like that in a row
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    The best pack is the one not bought (Sun Tzu, Art of War)
  • smokin666
    617 posts Member
    Xeforer wrote: »
    The only difference being that in real life it happens once a season at best, but in the game you can have 5 matches **** that in a row
    For sure

    I bleed hockey!!!!!!!!!!
  • Agreed. Just trying to get a thread with some action.
    Btw I was making a team consisting of mostly Oilers and didn't have hardly any synergies. Pretty sure that's not why I am losing but today I revamped everything on a very small budget of about 180k. I think I have about 8 synergies now.
    Team ones are:
    1 timer
    Long range Bomber.
    My players aren't as high level but I am hoping it might help a little bit.
    What synergies are the ones that help you the most?
  • Just get as many team synergies as you can. They all help.
  • smokin666
    617 posts Member
    Overall team synergies are the way to go
    I bleed hockey!!!!!!!!!!
  • h8ttrick
    1661 posts Member
    And getting lots of players with ww and cs those are good too
  • Finding it hard to find cs. I am at 4 out of 5.
    I need to find a C with cs but only have 20k coins now as well as series 2 McDavid. Tried doing trades with him and tried selling but nobody wants that card it seems.
  • mattborowiec
    2305 posts Member
    What center are you looking for?
  • Actually found LW Milestone Forsberg and he has 2 CS as 1 WW and that would work great.
    Up for 80k to 100k. I have put series 2 McDavid and 10k up for trade, so it might all workout...lol
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