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The trolls of HUT

So this post is just to bring attention to EA (which I'm sure it could have been posted before) about people who play hut and then when they begin to lose they either stop playing the game and make the game take an hour to finish and also the people who like to take 10 straight delay of game penalties and cause the game to glitch out so you don't get the win and they basically wasted your time. Also I think if you enter a game and decide to quit because you see the guys team is stacked or his record is good then you should be charged with the loss and he should be given the win. I've been cheated so many times because I've scored within the first minute and then people quit. It's so lame. I now have to basically not play for the first minute so I can be eligible for the win.. and I've had to stop using my legend Curtis Joseph because my record with him was good and everyone would quit before the game started.. it's frustrating being good at this game lol anyways those are just some issues I've been dealing with in this game when it comes to the online community.. it doesn't happen too often but it happens often enough where it's an issue.

P.S. Can't wait to hear some news on NHL 18


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