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Looking for Older players (XBox)

We are a club of 3 so far.We have two 45yrs and I think the other guy said hes 35?Anyhoo we are looking for more of the same.

We are trying to build a team of older guys that can handle a loss.Even if its a 10-0 blowout you have to be able to shrug it off and move on.This means that after a drubbing like that,the whole room doesn't up and say "Well that was my last one for the evening" because of it,leaving the rest still playing to feel like complete crap lol

You don't have to be a superstar in terms of skill but you kinda should be able to play your position somewhat soundly.I mean nobody wants to lose EVERY GAME :smile:

Good hearted ribbing and constructive criticism is encouraged!!

I expect against most teams,that our older reflexes are going to be in question.To combat this we will be playing 3 ZONE HOCKEY! If the puck is our zone,then treat OUR blue line like THIER blue line.You stay in the defensive zone until someone can carry the puck out,unless theres a wide open play to be made,you should never be leaving our zone until the puck is out of it.

We would hopefully like to be a team of around 12ish or so,so that we can,on any given night field a squad of 4 or more,so that people don't feel obligated to play every night.I don't wanna play every night and im sure you as an older gamer don't either.We need our rest days.

This team will be a committee.So far it is a committee of 3.When you join and prove you are not going to be a flake you will then be apart of said committee.There will be no leaders or invisible rankings.We will be Borg.Right now im sounding as though im the Boss man but its only because someone has to make this post lol I will however be acting as a discrete conduit for any problem you may have,that I in turn will bring up to the committee to resolve in a way that keeps you anonymous so as not to cause any conflict with other members of our committee.My voice will have no more importance as any one elses.It will serve solely as a discrete conduit,so that grievances can be alleviated in a mature way amongst each other without conflicts between one another.

If you feel this is the type of team you've been searching for then please send me a msg to "I AM SQUINT" and put in the subject line "Dude Wheres my Banjo" so I know what its pertaining to,but honestly if you cant handle losing multiple games in a row or possibly even a losing record,then save your self the hassle and find a more skilled club to meet your needs as you wont meet ours.


Cya on the flim-flam!


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