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Just started playing on line for the first time. Have over 500 games played against the CPU. Another 2000+ on previous NHL games. Have a team of "special cards" made up of players in the high 80's. Have played a dozen games on line. Been smoked in 10 of them. Not even close. Would like to know what I am doing wrong. Yeah, playing, thats hilarious ! I'm looking for helpful advice. Please don't tell me to practice more. Please don't tell me to aim better. Better player cards=better results.
I am unable to pass 90% of the time. It either goes directly to the opponent or is 4 feet off of the guy I passed to, resulting in an icing. I poke check the opponent and the puck goes directly to another one of the opponent's players every single time (yea, I mean every single time). I am poke checked and it goes to the opponents player every single time. My team has not been able to skate with anybody I have played against. The speed difference hasn't been close once. At minimum, twice a game my goalie will deflect a shot and one or more of my players I am NOT controlling will rush to the net and shove the puck in. Every game. Opponent does a wrap around and misses my guy shoves the puck in. The puck goes into the corner and 3 of my guys will rush over and the puck squirts out to the opponents player. Every time the opponent goes into the corner. At least half of those result in goals. I have 12 synergy's active, 6 of which benefit the entire team. 90% of every game is played in my end of the ice. Once I take control of a guy, he turns into a slug. The 2 close games (which are the only two my team scored in) I played RD in. Was amazing to watch my guys do the things they wouldn't for me. Have my line changes on auto, how do I keep them from changing, after what seems, most of the time I win a faceoff? And no, none of this is remotely exaggerated!!!!! It's extremely frustrating to be everybody's punching bag every single game!!! Giving me 2 1/2 times the coins at the end of every game does nothing for me.
Do I need to spend a million coins (which gets me one or two good players) or a hundred bucks to buy players? I look at the results and see a lot of other people with zero wins a ton of losses. Is the on line gaming only for the people with the high rated cards (players)? Having to drop real cash buying, then hoping for a good card isn't an option. Spent 100 thousand on a pack the other day, which drained me, and didn't get a single player I could use (a Filppula international POTG card I can resell for, as of right now, 8 grand) and two playoff collectables which are going for 4 grand apiece. Point is that doesn't appear to be the answer and now I have no coins. One good player, for 100 grand, and didn't even get that. Yeah, I'm beat down and starting to wonder why I'm putting myself thru this.
I really would like some advice about the game play the most. Is it my defensive settings? Offensive? Any other setting? Doesn't seem to matter if I'm on the pro or superstar setting. Same results.
Give me an idea of what I should do to build the team and how. As far as building the team, Please don't suggest that tired old "buy low sell high" shtick. The same people sit at the end of the bidding waiting to Bid over whatever anyone else bid. Haven't won a bid on anything worthwhile the entire time I've been playing. Cards disappear with time still remaining or I can't get my bid in to override whoever just over bid me. No, it's not my Internet connection, so please don't suggest that. Would like constructive advice.
I AM NOT criticizing the game. Would like advice.
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