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Is Goalie better or worse?

I'm a goalie that started my journey playing goalie back in NHL 14, and let me tell you, i was top 100 for butterfly. I was killing it day in and day out. Long story short i didn't do as well in NHL 16, but I wasn't bad. Top 200 isn't something to be mad about. Then comes NHL 17. I don't know if its screens or tips or snipes but I'm terrible. The best way I can describe my experience is if I saved in 16, its shady in 17. I've been making my biggest saves ever this game, but letting in the weakest goals. Does anyone else share this feeling? People who didnt play G last year are saying that its easy for them, but Ive been a tendy for 3 years and its the most difficult its ever been.


  • I played around 50 games of goalie last year, only about 4 or 5 this year so far and I noticed its about the same as last year, hard to be consistant, I'm always in position and cutting down angles and still weak ones go by pretty often.
  • I've always been around the 1000 games played mark (last year an all time low at 300) but I've noticed a lot of weak ones by me
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