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Where to get gold collectibles

I have the two WCOH collectibles to make the Gilmour set but there are 10 unfilled gold collectibles. I've never even seen a gold collectible and I've opened a ton of packs. Where do you get them? They're 4500 on the market. Sorry for the noob question.


  • Trade in jerseys, coaches, logos, or arenas. 10 of each get you a gold collectible. Or buy them from the market.

    My suggestion would be sell the cup collectibles on the market if you don't have a ton of everything above stock piled and just buy that Gilmour card off the market.
  • sleepyT
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    edited September 2016
    Thanks, that makes sense.
    I traded a wcoh collectible for an 88+ and got Shea Weber. Probably still could have sold it for more.
  • Bought weber today for 19k

    Prices are so low, actually good.
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