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Club Search Not Working

So I don't know what has caused this, but my club is no longer able to search for club games. This first happened the night after they reopened up "stock team branding". No one on our club used this feature (I was only GM). The game search has now become infinite. It's pretty disheartening as we had progressed a fair bit, but it appears all of that was for nothing.

Anyone else experiencing this glitch?


  • Yea, my club is having trouble finding games
    You must unlearn what you have learned!
  • we werent just having finding games, it literally doesn't even search. The little searching thing at the bottom would spin, but it would go on infinitely until we backed out. The only thing we can think of is the night before, we had someone fall asleep in our dressing room. Is no one else experiencing this issue?
  • Can one person get in the room fine and the rest takes forever?
  • We can't even get a full squad into our lobby.

    One person can get into the room without a problem. The rest ended up taking close to 5 minutes to get in and the lobby doesn't work then.

    We tested it to see if it was one person but no matter who was in the room first the same problem persisted.

    We had other people join our club and try to play and they got the same issue.

    We could use the challenge locker room and play another team., Drop in games worked fine too.

    We are able to join other clubs and play games without issue.

    We are in need of some help.

    This was first noticed on Friday night.
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