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Has the 3 alternate captains glitch in Franchise mode been fixed yet?

Absolutely annoying glitch seeing Crosby and Toews with an "A" when I play games, hell, every team BUT mine has 3 "A"s. when will this be fixed?


  • It's the same for Be A Pro mode too. Crosby, Ovi, McDonagh, Stamkos, Tavares all of them Alternate's and not Captain's yet you check the settings and they are listed as Captain's there, it is annoying.
  • I just hope when it gets patched you don't have to restart your franchise/be a pro....
  • I hope not but if one mode will have to be done if it's like previous year Be A Pro you might. I haven't tried Franchise yet but if you can manually change the Captaincy then I would imagine you wouldn't have to restart, maybe just change them to A's and C's to register the change and it will save.

    That being said in comparison to some of the goalie animation glitches that affect gameplay etc this bug might be low on the list to fix so it might be a patch or two away in comparison to more serious ones, we'll have to see
  • I hope they fix the three A's bug. At the very least let us edit other team's numbers and captains/assistants.

    Oh, and add the ability to edit height and weight back into the player edit menu. After unlocking it last year they greyed it out again!?
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