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How is it possible that customer service is getting worse?

EA has had the worst customer service for quite some time now , but it is getting worse.

I have already had the bug of points not going to my account and to solve this now you need to make even more steps then you did last year .

So the way to solve a problem that has been existing for years is to make it worse?

Great job EA!!

I will never buy another card or any points for that matter after wasting over an hour on the phone with 2 customer service agents who made fun of the fact that I do not know how to use a computer. and yet they still were not able to instruct on me on how to get my points back at all.

So in order to be a customer of HUT and buy packs you MUST be computer literate or beware!

What a joke of a company.

You can keep my 7$ and enjoy losing the money I used to spend on HUT.


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