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edited September 2016
Does anyone know how many players could be created because I'm doing a roster update for all of the NHL, AHL and ECHL and there is at least 200 players that I need to create. Is there room for 200 created players and about 40 goalies?


  • Lmao damn dude you must have a lot of free time and that's coming from a person that plays this game 6-7 hours a day everyday.

    But good question though. I'm kinda interested the max you can create

    But if I were you I would just wait for that big roster update after the season starts. Would save you a lot of time
  • mg4ever
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    edited September 2016
    Yeah can't wait for that merge roster to work. The game crashes when we attribute a team to the merged created players. I started doing that last year and I think the max number was 150 skaters and 20 goalies.
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