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2 versus cpu tips please

Hi guys

I could use some tips from those who play season mode with a friend.

It really feels like the game is not optimized for this. For instance:

When im attacking or trying to get the puck out of the zone. I'm trying to pass it to my friend but it sends it to the cpu (who is always standing in some odd position). sometimes it completely ignores my friend and sends it back to the cpu even though there was a clear passing lane between us. Are there any options or settings I need to activate to fix this ? When we have a chance on a 2 on 1 it's almost impossible to pass him the puck.

Sometimes it ends up in a turn over right in front of the net when all I wanted was to throw it behind my net to the other defensemen. Why would I send the puck to the guy in from of the net ?!

It feels like I have no control over my passes because of that.

Anyone else experiencing similar issues ?

Thank you for the tips !


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