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EASHL Camera Issues

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edited September 2016
Console: Ps4 probably happens on XB1

When i play eashl games i always use the ''Ice'' Camera to have a better view of the ice and players. The issue comes from with the ''Junior Stadium'', with this stadium there is the Canada and United states flag at the top.

Everytime i do a faceoff in my own zone, on the left side the Canada flag cuts half my screen and on the right side the United states flag cuts half my screen. It's really annoying, so i have change my camera to ''Classic'' to fix the problems.

But the other issue with the camera ''Ice'' or ''Classic'' is if the other team have unlocked ''Intro Props''. The team that i played against had the ''Entry Prop 1'' unlocked (Cowboy hat). Everytime that i was in my own zone during faceoff and gameplay in the period 1 and 3 the giant hat was blocking half the screen, it was unplayable!

The quick fix that EA could do is to remove all props when the games starts! Anyway we only see them before the game starts and when the game is on no one sees it.

The other thing i can try is to play with the Overhead camera but it starting to be to high.

I really hope this bug is inside the Database and not set to Will not fix! i work myselft has a Quality assurrance in a video game company and it will blow my mind if no one has flagged this issue!

I will try to take a video next time i play.


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