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Should I keep Bure or sell him?

So I just pulled totw 88 logan and legend Bure in the same pack. I've never used Bure before. Closest was probably senko last year. I've got to keep him right? Or should I sell him?


  • Keep. After World Cup ends the supply will drop off. At 96 its the type of card that is a viable first liner all the way until TOTY in April and less and less will be hitting the market once the set is taken out. He should tough 1M+ in price at set point. Hes easily twice as value as Crosby if not 3x.

    The 9 Carbons alone at this point could be worth upwards of 540k...nevermind the sets prior required to do it. I expect Carbons to continually rise as packs and jerseys will never be in greater circulation than at the very beginning of the game.
  • did you pull 93 BURE or 96 BURE?
  • 93. I don't think you can pull a 96. I think you can only get him with the master set
  • interesting... he is only worth like 300K... so depending on what your team looks like would answer this question.

    If you have a team of all 86s and 87s. I would sell him and upgrade a few lines with 88s and 89s.

    if you have a team of all 88s and 89s. than I would use him as top line winger.
  • Sell him and save coins for Movembers if they're doing them this year
  • The real question is, if you keep him, do you have to keep DJ Tanner also?
    (It's a thinker)
  • I think dj is hot now. I actually sold him and completed the master set and got the 96 one. He's amazing fyi
  • I have the 93 Bure, and his card/synergies are amazing...that being said if you use him poorly you wont like him much and want to sell...he is a smaller forward and if not careful will get destroyed by just about anyone....
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  • He seems to stay on the puck well. At least for me. I had a lot more trouble with Jonny hockey. 96 Bure is a beast. If anyone is thinking about getting him, I would.
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