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A straight forward YES or NO

As the title says. A question with a one-word reply.
For the devs.
Is it possible, as in, physically possible...to set every single thing back identical to the Beta?
Like, can it actually be done? Or is that lost forever?
I think if there was a forum vote for one week, the results would speak for themselves.

If it's not possible, it would be great to just hear why.



  • I wouldn't want exact beta sliders, slapshots and poke checks were way too accurate, everything else felt good though.
  • The beta was awesome. It made me go around telling everyone to buy this game. I never anticipated a new game as much as this one, based purely on how great the beta was. NHL 17 doesn't suck overall, but the negative reviews are pretty widespread and that wasn't the case about the beta.
  • So there doesn't seem to be a yes or no....
  • Just put us out of our misery. Tell us the truth. Can It happen?
  • It can, but it won't. And it baffles me how stick lift is broken.
  • Assisted_6 wrote: »
    they need game breaking flaws to fix for the next version of the game while introducing new ones to keep people buying it each year.
    All NEW stick lift! :o
  • Assisted_6 wrote: »
    Exactly "All new sticklift!", while the breaking poke checking to fix for the year after. Then when they fix poke check they will break hitting. Always gotta keep one thing broken
    Just in time to be rebuilt from the ground up using the Frostbite engine.
  • Brandon-asdf
    23 posts Member
    edited September 2016
    This is a hilarious forum yet at the same time sad because what everyones saying is most likely true. They will get in trouble if they make the same game twice. So they do just that make at least 1 big thing wrong then fix it in the next one, then make a great beta to make everyone buy it and repeat. Scary how much sense that makes. All about the money.
  • KoryDub wrote: »
    Although there are differences in the fundamental aspects between the beta and the retail release, I often wonder if the enjoyment of the beta is related to the price you all paid to play it - $0.

    Now that a majority of you have dispensed actual money to play, your criticisms of the game become far more akin to Buyers Remorse or Purchase Justification?

    I'm not saying you're wrong, I just think it's important to note that a Free BETA to play is more enjoyable and also allows you to swallow competitive losses easier than when you shell out $70 for a game.

    Honestly I never even think about the money I drop on a game especially one that I get every year. I'm not someone who thinks I paid money for somthing and it had better meet every aspect of what I'm looking for in a game, and I can clearly tell u the beta was better.
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