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up 4-1 and then..



  • B-Bunny wrote: »

    This may be harsh, but if you were a good player you wouldnt let someone score 6 clappers on you in the last 8 minutes of the game. Thats why I asked to see some video footage, because id love to see a scenario where that was possible. A video would certainly tell a lot more of a story here than youre letting on im sure. But yeah - game ****.

    You just said you only play 6's! I don't even think you have the right to say anything after that about vs or HUT. It's an entirely different game.

    Not to brag, but I'm someone that usually goes 40 to 100 straight wins when I buy the game until I get to div 1 and reach opponents that have a clue how to play the game. I also never buy packs - just a grinder **** team. Since 15 it has become so random for me though. Every year worse and worse until this year I can't even bother with it anymore. It feels like we should just roll the dice and be on to the next opponent.

    I just think this sums up this year though... On numerous occasions (probably 5 out of my 15 or so games) in this years game I have played & lost to people that don't even know how to take a faceoff! Like don't even bother trying on the faceoff. Like the people that just bought their first game of this entire series kind of bad. I will be in their end cycling the puck watching their goalie play the game of his life (the usual) for half the period and randomly I cannot switch players properly, the players I am controlling start skating weird, my passes start going crazy, etc. Opponent gets the puck & has no f-ing clue what he is doing. You can tell he's just like in shock he has the puck. Skate down the ice and shoot from anywhere and score. I'm basically playing their AI at this point. How are any of you supporting this game? And bunny to support it when you just admitted you don't even play the modes in question. Come on, man!

    15 was garbage, complete garbage. 16 was a total joke. 17 is actually IMO not worth playing at all. I only own my xbox for NHL for those of you that will just tell me to shut up and play a different game and stop complaining.

    This can't be said enough. Skill gap compression is the answer. If the physics were consistent then magic couldn't happen and people little Johnny would be sad.

  • Here's one video showing my Defense AI just flying across and leaving his position and not even going near the person about to take a shot. Crappy video quality but you get the picture

  • And these are the goals that happen WAY to often in this game
  • If you have a multi goal lead heading into the 3rd period in this game you're going to have a bad time.
  • 1000% agree, watched my brother go into the 3rd leading 4-1, he lost that game. Seems every shot goes in, in the 3rd if your leading

  • This is my favorite tho, and this was in overtime to make the best of it. Skated right threw the puck and wouldn't pick it up
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