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When is the next patch!?

This game is better than previous NHL. I bought it so I can play as the AHL Tucson Roadrunners. Its sad that I'm still playing with generic EA sports uniforms. Springfield has released what the uniforms look like as well and they still have generics.


  • I agree, we need an update soon. Their's many bugs that made me stop playing because I'm only playing franchise mode and I'm waiting for them to be fix. (can't fight after 1 season in Franchise mode, can't edit height/weight of players even if we could do it in NHL 16)
  • NickRitt87
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    edited October 2016
    Exactly what poub06 says. There are a some pain in the **** bugs in Franchise mode.

    Morale/Injury Issue - Players not fully recovered(enough to be playable) become disgruntled when a scratch for the games they before they are 100%

    Fighting - At start of Franchise/BAP ALL PLAYER'S FIGHTING IS SET TO NEVER

    Captain Issue - Captains on teams are demoted to Assistant so teams roll three assistant captains

    Crashes at the Entry Draft for some - Some over at OS have experienced this.

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