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Lower rated teams beating higher rated

I just watched a stream where their team had a bunch of 78 rated players. Their team was scoring non stop on teams rated 94 and above on HUT. They just won division 1 undefeated. How does this happen? Should we not get better players?


  • My average players were 87-88. I sold them all and i try to play with 80-84 players. All of a sudden, my AI players actually moves and act like they want the puck.
  • Same story, different year. I was steam rolling Ovies, Teresenkos, Heros ... I upgrade to an all 88+ team and now I'm getting outhustled by common golds. Still dominating every game but buddies goalie stands on his head while my tender is a sieve. Discarded my team and now I'm winning again. Funny how this works every year. I'm legit afraid to upgrade my team.
  • This has been the story of HUT since it game out on new generation consoles. It has a few names, I just don't want to go into it now.
    That's the main reason I refuse to spend much on pAcks this year. I learned a valuable lesson last year. Had a team full of MOVEMBER players and othe noticeables like Ovi, Stammer, Sid and etc...
    Had games were u r just stuck in the mud, hit every post but the empty net bump into ur own players which ironically prevent u to either get the puck out of ur d zone or score.
    I switched out for all bronze squad and immediately shot up do div 1.
    Now that's just me,others may or may not disagree. But that was my case.
    It's not fun having an ultimate team that plays like, u know.
    I bleed hockey!!!!!!!!!!
  • Oh it has to be that...Dynamic game difficulty balancing lol.
  • Maybe your connection had no issues last year with good teams. No issues this year so far.
  • Taste-D-Rainbow
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    Pr0xY00 wrote: »
    Oh it has to be that...Dynamic game difficulty balancing lol.

    You and I have been here way too long debating this lol. It could definitely be connection related. Just seems like some games your AI is a turd sandwich and doesn't want the puck. You fight resistense all game and can't get any lucky bounces. Next game your guys are flying and will die fighting for the puck. Very rarely are games consistent back to back.

    Edit: for whatever reason HUT is the only mode that plays like this for me. In VS usually the better user wins. HUT is always a crapshoot.
  • This is all to real for me right now. Had a mediocre team and went all the way to D1 and won the title twice. Then ...the upgrades...bought 90overalls and 88s , now my lowest rated player is 88ovr and I am losing more and more. I thought this was ultimate team :(
  • I just thought it was crazy how a lower rated team outskated, outshot, and outsaved the stacked team. This was on twitch and the streamer said he has top players (which he showed them) but he doesn't use them because they don't perform good.
  • HEP2214
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    Skill + a very good connection is all it takes. You can win D1 with a very average team if you are good at the game and have a good connection. The games where people complain because the other team won with scrubs is because A. the player with the stacked team isn't good or B. you have a bad connection.

    Don't believe me? Play a top player with a stacked team and you use a scrub team and you'll lose by 10.
  • The guys with the lower rated teams that will beat you are the ones with the crap connection.
  • It's in your head and/or you're playing people who are better than you. Especially early in the year...there are lots of people in lower and higher divisions who shouldn't be there.
  • Skill outweighs stats. Having a better team is a advantage however a skilled player with a lesser team will beat a lesser skilled player with a better team 100% of the time
  • Casinator39
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    I say this EVERY YEAR. Put an all bronze team together and challenge me for 50k coins. You should win since your players are lower than mine, right? Let me know who wants to bet.
  • Casinator39
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    Same story by people that cannot win....amazing
  • This was division 1. He had scrub players skating past duchene, hull and others. If this was div 7 I wouldn't of said anything. He went undefeated in div1 with a scrub team. Every hit, bounce, shot, lost puck only to recover went his way for 7 straight games.
  • This topic comes up every year. I challenge anyone here with too much time on their hands to get to Div. 1, and play 50 games with a team of 79-82s, then play 50 games with a team of 88s and above, and compare your record, GPG, GAA, etc. from both sets of games, and put this theory to bed once and for all.
  • Why do you guys bring up the skill question? He won Div 1.

    What is the point in challenging him? What does that prove?

    Time and time again, skilled players (and others) notices the same thing. The game is flawed. A stacked team behaves worse than a mediocre. They don't always loose, but they act worse. How is that in any capacity ULTIMATE TEAM?

    Also, it's always the same posters bringing up Skill and Connection-factors. Come on!! Don't you think a player (myself included) who won division 1 more than once would notice the difference between bad connection or a malfunctioning game? Please! Almost like some posters are posting from EA in Vancouver.

    Further, how come there is almost zero complaints about this phenomenon in VS. or EASHL? Do they only have bad connection in HUT? Only bad skill in HUT?

    There is definitely something at work here. Sadly.
  • ^+1 agree
    I bleed hockey!!!!!!!!!!
  • detoxxcxx wrote: »
    Skill outweighs stats. Having a better team is a advantage however a skilled player with a lesser team will beat a lesser skilled player with a better team 100% of the time

    Yes... Skills outweigh Stats... 100%

    However........ I will definitely win more games (against the same control group) with an 88 Squad VS a 94 Squad.... I really don't understand people complaining about this "Balancing System"
  • In my team play Каменев 77 over and Aberg. Both players play batter than high rated cards (((

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