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Old Folks over 35 team looking for players. Xbone

Looking for players to join my team. Over 35 preferred. Let's beat in the punks. EASHL team. Play most nights. 4:30 - 8pm pacific and weekends.

Riktorious. Gamer tag

U C Stars. Eashl team.



  • Old fart reporting for duty.... I am a steady Dman, seeking a fun club.

    I also know a few old farts that aren't currently in a club...

    Send me a message - GT = theGypsy66
  • Im old, and play for fun. I like to play C but am flexible. Let me know.
  • I'm also over 35. I'm currently in a club. It's doing well - However these guys normally play like 3pm ET or really late. I'm looking for a club that plays between the hours of 5pm to 11pm EST. My GT on xbox 1 is Unhinged Canuck - I can play LW/RW. I have played some D and some C as well.
  • You still looking for more team mate's? I'm closer to 35 than i am 34. Can play all positions, but may be a little rusty due to not playing much (no team and drop ins are a pain to get started).

    I am in Alberta, and have good net so shouldn't have issues playing east or west. Available between approx 5pm and 10pm mst.
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