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A bass3 camp3r

, ice tilt is real you have 4 loss versus how ?
Versus garbage players


  • Camp3r is good player. I played him during Beta
    Master of my actions, slave to my mind
  • Base camper is one of the best players in the world fyi.. one of the best W/L ratios on the leaderboards and hes #1 on the LGUHL leaderboards (competitive NHL league that all the best play on).
  • What's his record?
  • Interesting. I'm 87-4 if it really matters. With 1 first period disconnect against a guy who i would've likely smoked.

    1 loss vs flash davin
    1 loss vs Bolton
    1 loss vs ??? (don't remember)

    It happens. Everyone loses sometimes.
  • h8ttrick
    1661 posts Member
    You lost to me... I'm just kidding but seriously why is this guy trying to slander this man? What did he do to you? Beat you in a video game? Claimed ice tilt wasn't real? I feel like this isn't supposed to happen on this forum. This is cyberbullying and needs to stop.
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