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NHL 20 Patch Details April 3rd

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Where's Evan and his sliders?

I have a dream that one day the AI will be programmed to competent enough to adapt, outsmart, and outplay me. But today is not that day! So tired of the hardest difficulty only being hard because you're playing demigods. Seriously, I play on all-star and win 5-1 with TOI 9-3 and out shooting the CPU 27-13. So let's up the difficulty. Same teams, CPU scores first 3 goals on 3 shots ... laser writers, 500mph one timers. I turned it off after some t urd on the Leafs (that I've never heard of) clapped a 50 Cal top cheese from the blue line 3 shots later.

With that said where's Evan and his sexy sliders cause Superstar Hardcore isn't working out for me.


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