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Same Old Story

Trying to keep this PG so it doesn't get deleted....pretty sure this follows guidelines, I am not attacking EA in any way, but I am asking some serious questions, and as a loyal customer since 2003, I think I deserve the right to at least express those questions here without my thread getting deleted...

..the fact that we still don't have a properly working NHL video game in the middle of October for the 3rd straight year, without a word from anyone in EA, is beyond frustrating/disrespectful.

I'm tired of buying a video game , with all the hype and promotion, and not having that game till probably around April (by then after all the patches the game is actually fun). I'm honestly tired of it.....EA knows full well what exactly they are releasing us on release day. There is no way they didn't see that stick lift issue. There's no way they actually thought the skating was on point. There is no way they thought the human controlled goalies were the best the series has ever seen....they were fully aware of all of this and more, they had to be. This game plays like pure garbage. And the biggest **** off in all of this, is how EA handles it.

All summer long, I see nothing but amazing teaser trailers, spectacular video series of what the game is going to loook like, on top of all these promises and what not.... Then they release the (broken) game, and vanish.....where is the communication EA?

I am so sick and tired of hearing "were working on it"...I want answers. Why was this game released when EA knew full well what issues were left unresolved? Why does it take MONTHS to fix the most basic issues such as stick lift? Why is there absolutely ZERO communication from anyone giving us updates , or apologies even?

I paid 90$ for this game at Walmart....3 years in a row with this same old ****, and I'm sick and tired of it. Nobody answers to anything here at EA. And no I dont expect EA to give a hoot about this post either , let alone even read this....I'm tired of paying my hard earned money for a game that's promised this and that, but finding out after I buy it that none of that was true. Im tired of having to wait until December (by then the game is half decent with the patches) to play what I payed for in September....

This isn't an issue of whether or not the game is good or bad, rather it's the customer service I'm most cheesed about. It's one thing if the game is bad, but there's honest and open communication between both parties, but that doesnt happen with EA.

Sorry for the rant but I'm so sick and tired of this ****. I don't expect anything to change, I just needed to express this.


  • EA please don't delete this like the last post....I left out the attacks here (minus my dissatisfaction for customer service as well as gameplay). I'd like to have a discussion here.
  • strategg101
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    edited October 2016
    game seems to work properly for me. Personally I like the stick lift how it is, It could work a bit more frequently, but its ok.
  • game seems to work properly for me. Personally I like the stick lift how it is, It could work a bit more frequently, but its ok.

    This guy is just a troll. Seriously man if you're not a troll I think you may have issues.

    OP you're absolutely right. The game is garbage and their communication is a direct reflection of the lack of passion they put into this game. They've ruined this series IMO. I don't agree the game gets good by December. We just keep buying it because it's the only hockey game. Another company must be taking notice by now to step in and dominate with minimal effort.
  • strategg101
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    edited October 2016
    are you singing the trololololo song? I'm not a troll. lol

    Again game is good, people are bad. Glad there is minimal sword fighting in this game. The beta was ridiculous for that.
  • KoryDub wrote: »
    Thanks for keeping the attacks out of it.

    It is unfortunate that some of the design choices do not jive with the opinions of a majority of the fans on these forums.

    I think it's important to distinguish between a game that's 'broken' and a game that is fundamentally not up to par with the vocal majority of the fan base.

    I often get discouraged when I think of a day where the game meets the needs of every user because that day will never come. There will always be mechanics and 'game code' to blame when things don't match up with how one feels about a certain gameplay element.

    If EA were to come in and completely patch every single issue raised on the first few pages of these forums, there is absolutely a large segment of the population that would then begin to post threads here with the issues they suddenly have - because they thought things were fine before.

    The message I try to send (which is often construed as 'talking down' to users) is that many of the issues raised are differing of opinions. Not 'broken' mechanics (although losing connections in OTP/EASHL is frustrating and Stick Lift really is somewhat broken) but differences in how one user perceives how the virtual element of the real sport should be replicated vs another perspective.

    It's good to have those discussions though. I feel many people here (even if I've warned/temp banned you) I think have VERY good feedback - but the attacks dilute it.

    Kory.....thank you for the honest, reply man. Seriously appreciate that. I hear what you're saying about how all the fans perceive it differently, but to be completely honest, the ones that are here writing posts every day and discussing all the rights and wrongs of the game, are in my opinion EA's true NHL series fans. Most average fans will pick this game up, and play it because it's a hockey game without really caring about the in depth features and game play issues that we always talk about here. I definitely feel this forum consists mostly of EA's passionate fans, and I honestly believe that catering towards the requests of what we see on the forums would benefit everyone. The average gamer would most likely play it the exact same way as before, and the passionate or competitive gamer would grow to like it even more, thus enhancing the overall experience.

    While all of us here might seem pretty disrespectful at times (which i totally understand, due to obvious reasons lol), the reason why we are so upset is because of how passionate we are for this game. We want to see it become the best that it can be, and when all of us for the most part are noticing the same issues and flaws within the game, maybe it's time to at least discuss with the fans potential adjustments to be made so that the overall satisfaction with the game can improve? Even if that doesnt go as planned, a simple discussion like we are having right here would do wonders for both parties.

    Thanks Kory, I seriously respect your communication and concern for my concerns, and I'm hoping we can continue this discussion!
  • I regularly game test for ea and am always involved with NHL every year. I've given detailed lists/emails to game hosts/devs about what's wrong with this game and even suggestions on how to fix them. My suggestions are constantly ignored so there's really no hope for this game series when direct communicating is being ignored.
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