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EA Sports DEV Team, please read.

This year's game is really good, IMO the best we've ever had. HUT is really fun for once.

In general everything plays well, the only major issue was the sticklift, which was fixed today, and it works great. It is balanced well too I think.

Rosters should be bi-weekly, and player ratings should be updated bi-monthly. My whole thing with this thread is that it is still really early in the season and the game has been out a little over 1 month. The communication has been poor so far, and you guys can change that.

ECHL logos should be an option in EASHL, the outline and for the most part NHL 17 hits the high marks. There's just a few things that hold it back. A cutscene during the 1st intermission of that team's banners would be cool for example?

Just small things to enhance the great foundation that is here.

C and A's for EASHL would be cool. A practice mode in EASHL would also be nice.

Franchise could use some tweaks to progression etc... old players should be worthless. Suter, Parise, Luongo for example are worthless after 2-3 years in Franchise, they decline rapidly. Star players with long term deals shouldn't be garbage.

There should be a variable for older players. Where they don't start sliding until like 37 or something.

Parise is like an 83ovr declining 3rd liner in his 3rd season usually. Just annoying.


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