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Wish Game Played Like This In Hut

Key speaker states: "Improved Passing & Smoother pickups & more speed on break outs" Weather you want to pass to pass to pass in the zone or dump it in.

In hut your lucky if your able to get one pass let alone 2 in a row. Pickups??? Your guy skates around the puck way too much.

Glad I learned you have to slow your game way down in order to play in HUT games and you have a chance at the above comments. A CHANCE key words!!! Ha lol


  • Passing is improved quite a bit from '15. The "hope" passes are significantly nerfed but that's a good thing. I've had a good number of games with pass % > 80%.
  • need to figure out how to do the other celebrations. wouldnt mind playing a little bit of guitar
  • I think the cellys have to do with how your player is moving or if they aren't moving. Like throwing up the ice in the air right bumper while moving vs the fist pump when not moving.
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