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Halloween Heatley Set

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Finally finished it. Heatley is a beast and so is Ohlund. Roy is an offensive machine with Booth and Cooke too. I only played a couple games with Bryzgalov but he's really good - reminds me of a cross between Cujo and Vernon. This set will make any team good.
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  • I would like to know more about bryzgalov only because how can anyone not want the guy that sleeps through team meetimgs
  • Holy cow, how much did all those cost? A million?
  • MFin04 wrote: »
    Holy cow, how much did all those cost? A million?

    It takes 28 Halloween collectibles and 21 or 22 carbons. I bought all the collectibles the first night at about 25k each after getting only 3 in my ten pack max per day buy. Ten packs at ten dollars each and got three collectibles. So there was that cost too.
    So that's about 700k plus 1.4 mil so it costs over 2 million to do the set.
  • h8ttrick
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    But you have some cool cards now
  • Dude... you must have spent a fat stack of real money on this
  • You will be sad when they release a 98 Heatley next week!
  • Stfx96
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    I wasn't going to complete the Halloween sets until the Halloween collectibles dropped to 15-17k with 4 days left. I had about 1 million coins saved up for MOV so I ended up doing them all but sold off everyone but Ohlund (an absolute machine) and Heatley. Heatley is very good but I don't think he is 1.2mil good. I will likely sell him off depending on what the Movember set brings.
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