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DC Emery or 10 Gold Packs for Mov?

I have my 100 DC badges, should I get Emery and have a goalie and use Team Wheel or open 10 free gold packs and go for a Mov?


  • Are you a gambler person ? Chance you have better than Emery is low ... Very low.

    But you will never know if you don't trade for packs ....
  • Lol, get the emery or grossman or malholtra. Was watching a bunch of pack opening videos on you tube. Must've seen 60-80 packs ripped. Didn't see a single movember player.
  • Yea think I'm just gonna grab Emery and then get Malhotra for my 3rd line.
  • wise decision, I'd say.
  • How is emery?
  • Emery is fine the only positive are the synergies. I find every goalie pretty much plays the same anyway.
  • I'd take the packs. at least the contents are tradeable
  • Yea but at least a 92 goalie with good synergies can stay in your team all year. Only set rewards are going to be better and you can easily activate Team Wheel or Trap.
  • I have all three of the DC 92 players. I picked up Emery for his 2xTW Synergy as back up to my WCH Cujo (also 2xTW). 92 Malhotra and 92 Grossman are absolute beasts. Manny is better than any of the HUT Hero centers IMO. Grossman is huge an destroys people with his checking ability...it is almost comical at times. I would recommend taking the player. With that said, I continue to play DC and bought 4 packs with DC collectibles. In the third pack I pulled a MOV Forsberg. I would not expect to duplicate that long shot and still say go with a DC 92 player, they are well worth it.
  • Player ! dont touch those packs. If u want / need Emery take him. It is very big change chance you end up gettin quick sell value 85-86 players. You dont regret and you get 92 overall player. i have Malhotra and that dc grind was my most painfully NHL experience, but really happy how he plays.
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