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DC vs HUT gameplay

Is it just me, or is the game play better in Draft Champions than HUT?

It just seems like in Draft Champions the better player wins. With HUT it's basically a coin toss because of all the randomness that takes place.

Any body else feel this way?


  • DC drives me nuts because the lower rated teams plays better then the higher teams. I smoked montreal 14-1 and lost to carolina. If u pick the game a part theres too many flaws. At least hut vs your opponent deals with the same crap you do. Where you dont see the cpu sticking to the boards...
  • I was planing to start a thread on this, but i have the complete opposite opinion. I feel the DC to be sooooo slow in comparison to hut. much more fun to play hut then DC if you ask me
  • bibliotekarien
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    edited November 2016
    They make money from HUT, hence make money if you are discontent with your team and buy packs. DC doesnt have this incentive to make gamers unsatisfied and thus plays better and has a logical outcome.
  • the first game in DC is semi-pro-competitive I believe the rest are pro-competitive - The 4th game by far is the most difficult to win though in my experience. Given there is no additional reward for winning all 4 I just quit out after winning the 3rd game and don't even bother anymore.
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