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Ai dump puck

Can anyone help me?
I have been trying to stop my ai from dumping the puck when entering offensive zone I have messed with strategy adjustments but nothing seems to do it.
There would be a perfect pass for the ai to make but he chooses to dump. It's getting very frustrating and I don't see any oponent teams having this issue with their ai.


  • Call for the pass?

    AI I believe is programmed to be stupid, and play Dump 95% of the time, regardless of your settings. Stay ahead or even with the AI, if you see something open, tap it. If you want AI to AI love, good luck on that. :)
  • I would call for the pass but then he would go offsides this usually happens on the rush entering the offensive zone.
    Funny how in gm mode you can change how the ai plays the puck but in club you can't.
  • If you hit up on the D pad and set it to full attack they will not clear even on a PK, they'll be aggressive to score and always pass up
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