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24hr HUT Rewards question

First off my bad if this has been asked before and I'm lazy to search forums for back threads but

How does the 24hr rewards system work?
Is it based on your last log in then 24hrs after that or is there like an EA clock that it's based off of & if so anyone figure it out?


  • I havent been able to figure it out either. Neither seems to work consistently.
  • I don't think anybody knows outside of EA

    I will say from my own experience......
    1. For example, I sign in at say 9 PM. I get my reward
    2. The next day, I will sign in at 8 PM. I will not get a reward this time.
    3. Maybe I log off, come back at 11 PM the same night or even 6 AM the next day. I will get the next day reward

    So my point is that you can still get consecutive days rewards even if you have a greater than 24 hours between log ins. But at what point do you get the reset? 30 hours, 36 hours, 40? We just don't know
  • It's very simple and other than when I went on vacation I've gotten it everyday since release. It runs on a 24hour timer. For example if I sign in to hut at 8pm Tuesday I have from 8:01 pm Wednesday until 7:59 pm Thursday to sign into hut and claim my reward. If for example I happen to sign into hut at 9:05pm on that Wednesday the timer is now reset from 9:05pm. On Thursday I would have to wait until after 9:05 pm to claim the next days reward. It's also important to note that just playing on hut while the reward is available isn't enough, you must leave hut and re-enter to claim the reward. So in reality it's not really a
    "Daily" reward. But using the above principles works.
  • Its simple. don't think of it as daily. if you sign in at 5pm today, and the reward pops up you have to wait 24 hours to be able to go the next "days" reward. You have a little less than 48 hours till the streak ends.

    11/25 5pm sign in
    11/26 8pm sign in (now you have to wait 24 hours from 8pm)
  • I agree with the above posts about the timer reset.

    But the true CUT-OFF time is unknown. As a physician who is on call for 24 hrs in hospital sometimes, I will sometimes miss the reward and things will reset if I "wait too long" to sign in (when I get home from those long shifts).

    Someone mentioned that once u sign in, you have just under 48 hours to sign in for the next day/tier reward. I'm not sure if anyone has actually measured/timed that concept... If so, please comment
  • It's been the same fer years now. Been multiple threads that are lost to the ages now after the great forum reset of 2016. But to test it properly you'll need to test it a bit after 48hrs and a bit less then 48hrs providing it all goes smoothly. Add in the 7 days it takes to get back up to 1250 and that's prob close to 10k in lost pucks.
  • I usually try to login within 36 hours from my last login
  • I run 4 accounts for the HUT daily reward I missed it one day when I thought I was logging in within the time so I'm missing out on a lot of coins til I get it back up to the 7th day
  • EA doesn't want to explain it to you, their reasoning being, if you let it run out to zero and want pucks, you are more likely to buy packs.
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