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This series is on life support, just a few reasons why...

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It's pretty sad to say but this game is almost dead. They listened to all the moaning from terrible players on the forum in 09-12 and this is the result! If 09 fixed the drag wrister it was the perfect game. In NHL 17 no skill is required to play online, face off tie-up, slapshot, D to D 1x, floating wrister... rinse, wash, repeat!

No true deking skills with the right stick, no creativity, no true defensive skill (drop back to the goalie destroying your R1 button) and no feel of percision or control with players... just a clumsy, sloppy, glitch goal fest with no real feel of control no matter who you have on your team. Punish the players who try to do it by the book and reward the losers who exploit the 5 or 6 major game breaking bugs in this game. The goals are ugly, the goalies are poor, the guys who win are cheap and very rarely do i ever lose to someone that i can honestly say wow he's skilled.

Go float your wristers, take your stupid 40' slapshots for deflections or clean goals, d to d ur off hand d-men for 1x'ers, protect the puck with your invisible shield, tie everyone up in a faceoff, do a 1000 in-between the leg dekes a game, spam R1 on D, take your 5'7 forward and bump ovechkin off the puck 9 out of 10 times, near post every breakaway with the same move by just pressing backhand and releasing then shooting (great skill there to beat your TERRIBLE goalies on breakaways EA :wink: ), then finish it off with a few STUPID wrap around for good measure!

If all that fails you, theres a disconnect glitch... use it wisely, not like EA will fix all or even 3 of those issues! Patches do nothing and they probably are focusing their staff of 5 people on 18 already so goodbye 17 you're dead already and its only Dec. 5th! I swear as bad as 15 was, it was far better gameplay wise on release than this one is (then patches introduced cheesy wristers again). 18 will be more of the same, 2 issues addresed (if lucky) 4 new ones found and the same TERRIBLE goalies. Skill stick was better on ps3, the skating was better on ps3, push puck ahead was better on ps3, the precision and skill were better on ps3, heck the entire game minus graphics was better on ps3 (and the graphics look like a cartoon honestly on ps4).

This series is done dude. Tell us how its the greatest game they've made but compare the amount of people who have left, new fans who do not buy it and how they talk about making it an every other year release. Look at the last 8 years of metacritic scores. Your false information and denial are killing this series. Thanks to people like you nothing gets accomplished and the game dies. This was once a game that won sports game of the year and tons of awards, now its a boring re-hashed dying game. They've actually accomplished making it worse somehow (skill stick, goalies, speed burst, skating, passing, hut, etc etc etc)???
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  • Oh and i almost forgot, no punishment for throwing bucyk, graves, or any forward on d lol. What are you thinking ea haha???? Why even have dmen in the game when guys like graves are not only better than hedman but farrrr better at EVERYTHING? What is this??? So stupid! It reminds me of something i would have done as a child! Whats next an option to shut offsides and penalties off?
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