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Petition to Tune TPS (experimental)

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I think it's time for EA, EA DEV... to experiment a bit.

With all the complaints (since NHL 13 to be accurate) this is the fifth year of issues with TPS. Clunky, wonky, slow, frustrating, non responsive, fighting the controller, etc.

It's time for EA to tune TPS in all parameters available to be tuned, to turn the weight, momentum, etc. all things that could result in a smoother quicker more responsive skating experience.

AT this point what can it hurt EA? Let's petition EA to tune TPS all the way down to give the feel of our skaters being light, quick, responsive as much as possible for one month!!

ONE MONTH!!!! Let's experiment, give the entire community this whole month then get feedback on our experience...

Thank you..


  • I'm not sure if this is even possible, or how much the skating can actually be changed by just a tuner (not a full patch). That being said, I would very much be in favor of doing this. They could also have a survey at the end of the month to get feedback on it.
  • Not sure if possible but I'm 100% in favor.
  • I approve this message!
  • Well, I've already had my fill of NHL 17 and the only way I'll return is if they try something like this. 5 years running TPS now and I just can't do it anymore. Quickly shot up into the top 300 and every game is the same. Both players use puck protect and swivel and herk-jerk up and down the ice, creating invincibility bubbles and manipulating the skating engine to full capacity until something weird finally trickles in for one of us.

    It's just terribly non-fun and in no way, shape, or form does it remotely simulate real hockey. And if it's not fun and also not like hockey.. than what am I playing for?

    I've just had enough of this series. It has got to change.
  • Just try this for one week and see what the feedback is like. What do you have to lose? Offline players can play however they want with sliders but at least you'll get your online players back.
  • Absolutely. Anything but this skating engine.
  • I don't expect much to come from it but it only takes me 1 min to post with a yes so heres me saying yes.
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