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    HabzSauce wrote: »

    hey EA DEV,

    thank you for responding. Unfortunately, after doing all those tedious steps, i still had the exact same issues. If there is any way we could connect via telephone (I promise not to yell), I'd much prefer that. I really would like to have a solid back and forth conversation with somebody who can help me resolve this, because ultimately i jsut want to play this game. Let me know how we can move forward with resolving this issue.

    Thanks, HabzSauce

    Not sure how I can help differently than what others have suggested. I am not a tech support guy so my suggestions would just be out of things I have personally done to get my console working, etc. Out of curiosity, when you go wired, is it through a router or direct to your modem?

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  • you can talk to someone on the phone at help.ea.com

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