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NHL 18 Wishlist


  • GM Connected. Enough said. No more gimmicks. Bring it back.
  • RSall14
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    GM Connected. Enough said. No more gimmicks. Bring it back.

    This, only thing I'm afraid of is how bad HUT and VS play on next gen. NHL 15 was the last year HUT was playable imo. If it plays anything like those 2 game modes it's gonna be disappointing.
  • Would love to see a Practice Mode in EASHL, like on old nhl and consoles, this place was the pefect place to build chemistry with your teamates and making plays and try to improve ur passing and breakout
  • Add:
    1. release a player at any point in the season
  • Taste-D-Rainbow
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    1. release a player at any point in the season
    You can't cut players during the regular season. They have to be put on waivers and if not claimed then they have to report to the AHL. I dunno how Franchise works but there is a buy out period in the offseason. I dunno if this in the game.

    Though I'm likely not going to preorder NHL 18 I still would like to see

    1. Game face (better face creator)
    2. Less generic and more NHL player faces
    3. HUT couch co-op

    And this
    Continuing Be a Pro careers from previous games.
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  • I don't play Online Modes, so can't really comment there. But, I would like to have my choice to play on a certain line. In my BAP, I'd rather play on the 2nd line where I've had more success instead of the first.

    In the offseason, instead of having to pick between the 3 or 4 teams they give you to sign with, there should be an option that says "None of these teams". Lots of players test free agency for a while, sometimes for the whole summer until they get the offer they're looking for. And if I don't pick a team when the season starts, I don't play. The contracts coming my way may be less and less each time also.

    For the Trading aspect. We should always be able to request a trade. It doesn't have to happen right away, but you should be notified that you're on the trading block. We shouldn't get that screen saying we don't have enough value like you had in NHL 14. At one point I was an 89 Overall and they said I don't have enough value to be traded.

    Lastly, bring back the Pre and Post game interviews and the 4 categories like there was in NHL 14. I forget the categories that we'd score in. Management, fans, teams likability meter thing. And tie all of this together. If you take longer to sign with a team, your likability goes down, if you request a trade, your meter goes down. You implemented the Player Morale GM Mode and Franchise Mode, bring it back for BAP. That mode needs to be more interactive.
  • Continuing Be a Pro careers from previous games.

    Yes, that's a huge one. Starting over every year is frustrating.
  • -a training before the game would be great for be a pro especially for goalie because sometime we don't awake
  • Winter classic in the be a pro, all star game/skills comp be a pro, invite to play for national team , more customization to your player, make a story line for be a pro. Bring the interviews back, have on ice interviews pre and post game interviews and bring back the announcement of 3 stars. A lot of work can be done in the be a pro to make it more interesting, stimulating and fun to play and with keep going with your career, right now you play 3 games and your bored. even glass breaking from
    Checks and pucks.
  • **** just look at NBA 2k17 my career and make something like that for be a pro.
  • I would like there to be a dressing room build in the customizations and upgrades in franchise mode. The better dressing room and rink you have the more likely a free agent signs with you. Kind of like a team attractiveness number. I would also like to see them bring back the teams coming out of the tunnel before games. Lastly I'd like a variation in celebration on goals. A Stanley cup winning goal and the 9th goal in a game in dec shouldn't have the same reaction.
  • Can people stop requesting "Be A Ref" mode?
    That's so lame and uninteresting.. They can't even get normal modes right.

    Want to ref?? Become one at a local recreational league and get paid for it.

    LOL be a ref mode is fantastic
  • How about a game that is good. The devs need to play NBA 2k and see how a really fun game and a good mypro really works. Don't copy FIFA be a pro for the love of God. Even 2k franchise mode is better. Like if you really want us to be a GM then why can't we hire our own staff?
  • I just want to be rewarded more for playing games in hut and not working the market. make it so I don't have to invest a large amount of my coins on contracts to continue playing this game mode.
  • I like the whole "request a trade" in Be A Pro... great idea
  • Ability to play on PC, local multiplayer
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