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Versus Strategies

Can we please get some updated strategies? The most common used PP in the NHL is the 1-3-1 and yet it isn't even a strategy in the game.

Entering the zone is a huge cluster **** as it is right now on even strength. If I am using an overload, the near side forward should always make his first priority to head down low but in this game, the stupid player always cuts to the middle at the top of the circles. It makes no sense.

I would also like to see create-a-play back (the one from NHL10 where you can pass the puck multiple times while still having your skaters "run their "routes". Not like the one in NHL11+ where as soon as a single pass was made, the play would be stopped).


  • Give it up bro even if they do fix that, you won't be able to find an opponent anyways :/ nobody plays this broken mess of a series anymore. If you wanna play a game, you're gonna have to spend at least double that just trying to find one....RIP EA NHL Series. Time for 2K to take advantage and ressurect hockey video games
  • Online modes are toast, dead community, TPS is garbage online.

    Offline is still good, try that.
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