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Quick opinion on to get nhl 17 or not



  • A man I am 37 years old. I have been playing the water sports nhl series since it first started. My post is an honest post. I do play online. I am in goal and play for the east liverpool potters. It's just me and my brother who is 40. We love clubbing in eashl. As far as drop ins I love those to. My only complaint with that is how people drop out before the game even starts. I have played this series since before the one timer was added on 94. When a player got hit and hurt there was blood. Please don't say what my intentions are for my posts. My posts are exactly how I feel so rearranging my words is false. No problem and no anger towards u.
  • Sorry about the words that make no sense in my post. I'm on a kindle and the spell check is very bad
  • Btw the blood I think was in 93. I forgot to say I do not play hut but I hear it's improved and what I read on it seems improved. My fave things to do in nhl are as follows an in order of what I like the most. Bap...eashl club...eashl drop ins...online shootouts. My Xbox name is lonknetmonster9
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