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Odds of pulling a special card

Does anyone know if the odds of pulling a special card like totw or milestone is the same in a pack as a cards base. Like pulling and 87 couture is fairly likely if he has an 88 team of the week is that card less likely to be pulled during that week?

I can't remember it used to be the same but I have a feeling they changed it to where overalls effect odds of pulling cards.


  • I was under the impression when a player has a "Special Card" out like TOTW or POTG, that you cannot pull their base card, you only pull the special card...

    I could be wrong though
  • No I meant like are the odds of pulling their special card the same as pulling their base card. Like say a player is 84 overall but has had several upgrades and is now an 86 does his card now count as a rare and does it have the same chance of being pulled as their 84 overall version you know?
  • hmmm.. great question, I am not sure.. I would imagine special cards would be more difficult to pull

    and now that you mention it, I am also curious about overalls...

    like would a 90 BASE Kopitar have same odds as pulling a 90 BASE Stamkos?
  • Odds of pulling specials are in the 0.1% range, from my understanding. Your best bet is if there's a special card you want that are in packs (for a limited time only!) is to put at least $500 into your PSN account and just buy pack after pack until you get one. If you're down to your last $10 and still didn't get the card you want, just repeat the first step until you're successful.

    Or you could go on kijiji and buy coins from a farmer. That's easy enough too and much cheaper. But EA won't like you if you do that.
  • Lol ridiculous. I am sure certain cards have a certain percentage
  • agreed, I think certain 91s will be harder to pull than other 91s
  • I have been playing hut for years and buying packs...few years back I pulled an OVI and Toews near the end of the year...last year was depressing I pulled nothing...this year I pulled a MOV Tarasenko....the odds are like 1 in 50 packs for special cards
  • I doubt they are that good. I feel like they are .001% if even that good
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