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"Finding Opponent" and..... "Could not find opponent"

So what the **** is this? Was playing literally 15 minutes ago. Got out of a (yet another) terrible drop in game, and went back in to find another game. One loaded up as normal, but no defenseman came in. I decided to back out and search again. Well, now whenever I go to try and find a drop in game, it just stays on "finding opponent" for minutes before telling me an opponent could not be found. I tried defense, and goalie... Nothing, also tried a versus game as well, and it does the same thing. Continues to "find opponent".

Is my profile corrupt or something? I'm not understanding why I can't find anything. If anyone has any information or tips on how to fix it, that'd be great.

I have reset the game, but not my console.


  • Yep reset your console. Should be fine after. It's hapoened to us all.
  • Nope, restarting your console does jack ****....it's hit and miss man sometimes you find matches other times EA refuses to match you up with a guy....ea doesn't care either bro so don't waste your time. Not only do they make a terrible game, but you can't even play that game
  • Yeah, I did reset my console, and nothing happened. I mean, this stuff is laughable. How can I go from being able to play in drop in games whenever I want to this? Guess this account is ****. Awesome!
  • It has to be the account. I have a second tag and I decided to try and play on that one. Found a game in the normal time frame. How does this happen? So now I can't use my P1-47 account anymore? Like what the **** is that?
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