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EA; fix your servers PLEASE

The amount of time that I waste, trying to find a game in which I spent 90$ for, is absolutely ridiculous. FIX YOUR SERVERS. I'm ready to lose it. What's the point of buying it in the future if you waste more time hoping the game connects you more than you actually get to play?


  • For the record, it always says "failed to retrieve data". I've searched online for this issue and alot of guys have it, but no freaking answers or help from EA.....
  • That was an issue in NHL 15 and NHL 16 as well. I've played all variations of this game and for me that error happens a lot of the One but hardly ever on the PS4. Not really sure why it would favor one console over the other. I've heard others have more PS4 problems than One problems, so go figure that one out.
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