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Notice anything here?

There's basically like a ratio of 5:1 on people looking for clubs and clubs looking for people.

Does everyone want their own club? Lets consolidate some of this and group up guys. I've already got my club on PS4. We're leveled up high, like playing a lot for 3 months high and i'm not going to give that up to join someone else's silly kid, get kicked if you don't score 5 ppg kinda club.

Sorry lmao.

Anyways. Read my post below guys. Looking to get some more people in my club. need 3-4



  • I saw your post and your reply to mine. My thing is that I'm tired of joining other people's club and I want to play a very specific style of hockey that a very small ratio of people on this game know how to pull off. So that is why I decided to try to start my own. Also it is nice to start fresh sometimes. But if you want we can play some games tonight when i get home from work and see if it clicks
  • Yeah I get it. I'm not going to join someone else's club to be honest. Not right now, I did that in 13 and 14 at times and it just is frustrating.

    I like to play 2 way cycle hockey myself. I don't know what "specific" style or magical style you're referring to.

    I like to win, don't we all, but I don't rage and flip out and act stupid when we lose ya know? There's a fine balance between playing well, getting on well with others and winning and then being able to take a loss.

    I prefer to play 3s at the least up to 6s. I play C and G and I'm very responsible at C. I'm usually at the top in the team play department and 2.5 ppg or so.

    I like generating point shots, and using dmen, I don't deke a whole lot, sometimes but not many... I prefer to get shots on with human goalies and cycle a bit more with CPU goalies.

    I use board support with open passes and always looking to pass more than shoot. I'm totally the team player that everyone wants. If I was wanting someone to join my club... it would be someone like me. Isn't that the nature of the beast? Anyways... maybe we could play and join. My club is 120-99-12 I think. I just hate to start over, loose the 3 months+ of games and unlocks we have in the club. I'm open to making someone else GM and sharing the duties of jerseys and all that.

    Just need a new core. Anyways, let me know what ya think.
  • Are you on? I messaged you on psn
  • At this moment I'm not on. I will be soon. The earliest I'm ever on is 9:30pm central time, usually at or around 10pm central time though.

    I'm hardly ever on between 4pm-9pm central. I'll see ya on there and see what's up. Later.
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