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This game took a mAjor step back

Nhl16 was fine this game is a poke check frenzy glitch filled mess


  • It takes no skill whatsoever all you have to do is poke check and take the center and defend. It is complete garbage and the people in charge of the making of this game should be fired. I used to tell everyone EASports was the best corp for Sports Gaming, now I crave any other game company to make some NHL game so I can drop this Game forever
  • djneohockey
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    edited December 2016

    Hello hater.

    What is your favorite NHL game?
    What is your favorite position on the ice?
  • Best NHL to date hands down.
  • Well...if the the game is a poke frenzy ...I don't see how it can be a glitched mess ...

  • I play offline and idk the poke checking is fine but there are a ton of glitches. Too many times I see hockey sticks going through goal posts as if its a hologram. One time the puck actually went through the back of the net and hit the boards and it counted as a goal :/
  • Im not sure the original users name, but hes been trolling these forums for years
    You must unlearn what you have learned!
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