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Question about 1 vs. 1 on 2 XBox...


My brother and I are playing NHL 09 since years on 2 PC's over the Internet. So 1 vs. 1 ...
Now... yeah... NHL 09... I now you are laughing, and that's why we want to finally upgrade...

So if we purchase 2 XBox One S with NHl 16 or 17, are we able to Play 1 vs. 1 over the Internet?
Not interested in anything else than that...




  • If you both have Xbox live you can.
  • MrMehan
    4 posts Member
    edited December 2016
    I am new to Xbox...
    So... Is XBox Live free? Or do you Need a Gold account to Play online NHL? 1v1?
  • You need GOLD
    You must unlearn what you have learned!
  • Ya sorry meant gold sold my xb1 for a PS4 out of the loop
  • I honestly wouldn't buy ANY console for the sole purpose of playing NHL right now. There are SO MANY OTHER games that work properly that would warrant a console purchase before this one hot mess of a game. If you already have a console and want to play I wouldn't pay full price for the game. Look around. I think there are some large retailers selling the game at 20USD off right now, though I wouldn't pay that much either.
  • So I really pay another 80 bucks a year just to Play online?!
    Are they crazy?
  • No direct Connection possible?
  • Is it really so bad, NHL 17?! whats wrong with it?
  • MrMehan wrote: »
    So I really pay another 80 bucks a year just to Play online?!
    Are they crazy?

    I think it's 60 bucks for one year / per person.

    And no, they aren't crazy. Running and maintaining that network along with R & D isn't cheap.

    A legit complaint would be with their amount of outages via nefarious teenagers over the last year or so while paying for the service.
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