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Making the boards solid? Devs?

Have the boards ever been made to be solid during testing? How did this effect the game play?

Could solid boards that allow 0 clipping be implemented or is it simply not possible? Could it be possible to have a choice to have the boards transparent to a certain degree in your own zone from the goal line back?

It's possible this could add a whole other 'real' element to the game that would force people to be much more aware of their positioning with the puck in all situations near the boards.


  • I like the idea, but I'd use the blue line as an example of something that sort of simulates a wall that players don't want to hit when playing offense because it means having to reenter the zone. Anyways, just think of how many times a player makes a poor pass reception on the wrong side of the blue line, or makes an weird stride or stick handle that just crosses the line.

    When EA is able to make a game where players behave somewhat intelligently along the blue line, I'd love for them to do something like what you're asking for. Any sooner than that, and they may just ruin the cycle.
  • Think people might complain too much about losing the puck on the boards.

    I would love to see more loose pucks along the boards if people are putting their sticks in bad position while against them. More broken sticks too.

    Not sure if there is a way to shoot the puck along the boards while in the offensive zone always seems to be a shot in net. I dont like that.

    I've seen a stick get stuck in the boards. Thats not in the game.
  • You could make the board solid without making it so they lose the puck. Shouldn't be too hard to have some kind of physics involved and mostly just have the skater react appropriately.
  • Or just make them solid/live and make players be aware of the boards.
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