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Hi there. I got this message today on my ps4 from a profile The EAHelpSquad:
"Hello, I just watched your game with "psn-profile (other player I played against)" through the EA servers. Good game! You're probably wondering who I am. I am an EA partner who is trying to greater the Hockey Ultimate Team community. We're doing this to see how people like the new content update but I'd also like to offer you a few players. these players are untradeable. I can add them into your inbox. I can provide you with a verification email to prove my worth with Electronic Arts."

The other guy I played against got the same message after the game. I guess it's another try to scam people and I wanted to show it here so that nobody falls to this scam.
The only thing I am concerned about is the fact that now text people right after the played a game against each other.


  • It was probably him. How do you know he got the same message?
  • He texted me a little while after the game and asked my if i get the same message. It's possible that he messaged me, but he had such an stacked squad, so I wouldn't think that he need to scam other players. I mean I got a lot of scam mails during my HUT time, but never one like this.
  • Maybe that's how he got a stacked squad. Well the good thing is you're savvy enough to know it was a scam. Personally I think it was him.
  • It's a scam. Report it
  • Looks like it was him. Wrote me back that he got MOV Toews and MOV Kane just for free. Probably I will set incoming messages only from friends, but that would take away a lot of fun when I won't receive any messages anymore from raging guys.
  • Classic phishing. He'll be asking for your account information next. Report him.
  • In my experience playing this series since 2011, no one EVER just reached out to me or anyone I know to give them free players.
    it's is a SCAM. Report them.
    I bleed hockey!!!!!!!!!!
  • Yeah, I know that I should report him. Only problem is that he used another account to send me the scam message. I already reported this account but I have no evidence that it is his second account.
  • Report him anyway. They are probably linked in someway they can find like idk an IP address
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