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What EA needs to do before fixing any in game issue if they want to ressurect this series...

What's that you ask? Genuine, and honest communication with the EA community. Until that happens boys, this game will continue to sink lower and lower each year.....Take a page out of Halo: MCC. Their game was trash when it came out. Only difference was how they handled the situation with their loyal fans. They didn't continue to shove the game in the consumers faces despite the displeasure , or troll them via social media about how their game was so sick and the fans are just delusional! Nope, they did none of that! They took a step back, and showed something that we have NEVER seen EA do, and that's TAKE RESPONSIBILITY. 343/bungie spent months and months doing their best to fix the game and make it good again. Yup they got alot of hate from the fan base, but they owned up to it and kept the dialogue open and honest. They openly admitted and apologized for the state that the game was in, and just recently actually they DID fix their game apparently, and ended up giving the fans free DLCs or something (check that, I'm not complete sure). Point is, the way bungie and 343 handled their release of a crappy game is exactly why they are well respected and appreciated, vs a company like EA who couldnt give 2 **** about you, unless it involves your wallet. If EA wants to bring life back into their games and their communities, they need to take a page out of Halo and develop some relationship building skills. Only THEN, should we focus on gameplay improvements and such, because as long as EA continues to treat their fan base with as little respect as they have shown over the past 3 years at least, this game will never reach its potential, both in the community and in the game.


  • And btw EA, while it does pain me to say that I actually do like your game, and the direction it's headed, I cannot for the life of me stand all the unfixed issues that really should not be issues, and of course the compete lack of respect for your community who have been paying good money for these games for years.
  • A paragraph here and there would do wonders.
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