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Have you ever noticed?

So...me and ma bro played some EASHL games earlier today. Everything was going fine, facerolled a couple of games, while laughing and having fun.

THEN, all of a sudden...BAM! Like a lightning from a clear blue sky, it started gettin' tough. I mean...seriously tough out there. Our AI stopped reacting, passes weren't coming through, missed open nets...heck we even started missing regular shots aswell...wierd **** just like that happened. Even our goalie started behaving wierd, he was like a swizzscheese I tell ya. Bad shots that should'nt even be a problem stumbled in somehow. Your player just feels chunky, like he's been on a holiday and stuffed his **** full of **** food.

It's not the first time we have encountered this, happened loads of times. Every season we usually go about 7-3(W/L ratio). Sometimes we encounter some badass dudes who totally outplay us, sometimes the games are close, sometimes we outplay them and sometimes...I tell ya...sometimes we can lose a game 6-0 or 8-0 cause nothing works out, just like the situation I described before. And it would be okay if they were "6 - 0" better than us, but they usually aren't, most of the times we even feel like they're "bad" players.

Heck, we even had games when everything goes our way to. You know those games you can't lose the puck, every shoot you take is dangerous. Every pass goes through. Your AI goes godmode on their ****. Your goalie is pretty much a wall and saves every breakaway. It's wierd.

First I thought it was delay on the servers until I checked the "Network Performance" tab and everything was just fine. 24ms is typical in both our cases with peaks up in mid 30's.

Red up on this on the forums and a bunch of dudes complaining it's "Ice Tilt". Where the game somehow "decides" the outcome or at least makes it harder for you or easier.

What's your thoughts about this? Have you ever experienced something close to this?
Just to clarify, this aint me complaining, this is me confused.


  • Nothing you can do about the AI, except don't use them. If you're a 2's team primarily, then you can expect to see a lot of AI failure.
  • EVerk81 wrote: »
    Nothing you can do about the AI, except don't use them. If you're a 2's team primarily, then you can expect to see a lot of AI failure.

    the problem with this is it really shouldn't be like that. some people, myself included, just like playing with a few close friends. witch sucks because the AI just never pulls their weight.

    Countless times ill pass to them than ill go to skate past a couple people only to recive it back .5 seconds later while im in a crowd of people.... kind of takes the Intelligence out of Artificial Intelligence dont ya think?

    Honestly the AI should be good, the AI should be able to make plays. but what happens almost year after year people will complain theyre too good, and then they get nerfed. following year theyre too bad and they get a buff. Its rediculous leave them good and thats that.

    Honestly if they were just consinstantly trash i wouldnt care atleast id know what to expect but you never know what team your gonna get on that ice at any given time
  • But the AI has never been good or reliable in any title of NHL hockey that EA has released. One game your AI play like bulldogs, the next game they're poodles. One game they'll play shut-down D like ole Pronger used to, the next game they're pylons like ole Phaneuf.
  • 2's shouldn't be allowed.

    3 minimum.
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