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Hey guys, do you Think Bob Will get TOTY whit hes performance so far?


  • Too early to tell. But it's possible.
  • I like Hes reactions on One-timers. Kinda like Price
  • Difficult to say. Because Bobrowsky already has two special cards he can not be part of CTOTY. Therefore he must be part of OTOTY or DTOTY. Which means there is alot of competetion and only 2 goalies will get one of these TOTY cards. Without a longer injury, one card will go to Prise. I am 99,9% sure about this. The second TOTY card will be a battle between Dubnyk, Bobrowsky and Rask. Maybe even Holtby and Crawford are still in the race for this card.

    Besides Price I think the only sure thing for a TOTY goalie is Murray, who will get the U23TOTY spot. For community TOTY will be very tricky to find a goalie without a special card till TOTY. Currently the front runners are probably Bishop, Schneider or Greiss, despite both played only on a mid level. However, even these guys are able to get a POTG or TOTW any time.
  • I never knew about if a player has X amount of special cards they are ineligible for ctoty. Interesting. Have to keep that in mind
  • I got a Mov Bobrovsky for 180 last night. Seems cheap for a Mov with toty possibilities, plus a TW goalie. If you're thinking about getting a mov Bobrovsky it won't ever get this good again.

    I picked him up new years evening for 155k, and Im shocked. Hes A monster at times when the connection is flawless, ive read One of your comments from A different post and must be whit you on the part Where you compaire him whit Price/Roy. Silky smooth Ground control and A outstanding positioning.
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