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I guess EA doesn't want my money

For almost two weeks during MOV I couldn't buy points, now again today I notice I can't buy points again. EA really has a problem if they can't even keep their way to suck more money from us working reliably.


  • Maybe you just don't have any money...
  • mattborowiec
    2305 posts Member
    edited January 2017
    You should try and contact them with some more info. I'd keep the sarcasm to a minimum
  • Tried that last time, everything had been working a week before anyone got back to me.
  • Maybe sign out and in again? Is there something wrong with your card on file?
  • Taste-D-Rainbow
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    edited January 2017
    EA support is the worst. I've called EA customer support twice in regards to Game Face and both times they had absolutely no idea what I was talking about. One "specialist" asked me if all my ports are open ... trying to sound smart with troubleshooting. I called her out for for knowing diddly and she hung up. Simply put EA support is garbage
  • Their twitter feed seems to be a good place to reach out for help.
  • monz
    930 posts Member
    I've experienced the same thing, Do a hard reset of your console (hold the power button down on the front of your console for 10 seconds) should clear it up.
  • What system are you on? I know earlier this year Playstation did something to their user agreement and I had to re enter my card information. I also have PayPal linked up and sometimes that seems to act up. But always rights itself
  • mattborowiec
    2305 posts Member
    edited January 2017
    Not earlier this year. The year is only 14 days old dummy. Probably in November
  • I had issues with getting my points over Christmas - they said wait 24hours and should show up. They didn't show so I was finally given a refund and re-purchased points.
    Problem with this is the fact that I missed out on special cards that were only in circulation for 24 hours. There is no guarantee you will land the card but regardless that's why I was using the points at that time to try and get the guys I wanted.
    EA support basically said sorry - wow really that's it. Can't throw some special packs or a player my way for my inconvenience of missing out or having to contact support several times on my personal time? I won't likely spend another dime on this game as I have spent a bunch of money on this series over the years. Disappointed in EA!
  • They really do have the worst support on planet earth. I get the feeling they also take really long to answer your questions (in the 'chat now' option) in anticipation you will just get frustrated 20 minutes have gone by and they still don't even know what you're talking about.

    *Its in the game
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