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Pass intercepts not working

I have this huge problem where I can not intercept passes.
Maybe this is some form of lag?
Do any other of you guys have this issue?
Here is a couple of examples:


  • First one it looks like you had a (small) chance to intercept it but the puck might've flipped up over your stick.

    The second one you are clearly trying to swat at the puck and it went through you instead.

  • Ok flipped up from what?
    And why small chance? I have my stick right in the passing lane, that is why I placed my player there.

    As you say my player is trying to swat at the puck.
    I didn't notice that
    That's the A.I. at play, if you watch it again you will see that I gain control over that player after the "swatting" has begun.
    Now my question is why the A.I. would choose a high-risk play like that...

    That was just two examples here is a couple more:

  • These last 2 here your skater isn't settled anticipating a pass coming his way, he is still in skating motion. The pass is a good one between your triangle, which quite easily happens in real life too.

    I don't have any issue with these last 2. Not every single pass should be intercepted. Good passes should be rewarded too.
  • Well, that's just different views I guess.
    I think these passes are from a distance where my player should be able to adjust his stick to intercept the pass.
    But I get it. You guys don't experience any problems with pass interceptions.
    That was my initial question.
    Thanks for the answers.
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