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Rebuilding club looking to get 2-3 more active members please (PS4)

We had some guys that I had to move on from due to personal differences and I'd like to think that all is well between us.

Anyways, I'm looking for 2-3 guys that can play multiple positions really I guess. I need someone that can play mostly 2way/defensive defense. I do need a reliable goalie too. I'm not big on people sticking to 1 position and just riding that. You need to be able to play at least 2 spots for flex.

What I'd really like is a C/G that can swap in and out with me as I play C, RD and G almost equally as good.

Private message me here and we can discuss any further questions and I can give you club name etc...

For now, our main play time is later, 10pm-1am central time. I'm not big on kids or people that overstep their boundries (like trying to analyze our entire purpose and philosophy when we lose 1 or 2 games).

I'm here to win, and have fun... I know how to play this game and I play it smartly and good and sometimes great. I'm not the greatest, but I'm better than most. Just want LOYAL guys that aren't going to leave. Once you join I expect you to stick around with OUR club and be apart of something.

I had thought of recreating another club, but I'm NOT going to do this as we have too many club unlocks going already and it takes forever to get them.

We're like 132-72-18 or something. decent/good record, but what is more important than that is having fun and winning more than losing. Being on the mic isn't a necessity ALL THE TIME. But encouraged. I might not mic up myself once or twice a week. Mostly I'm on there though.

This game isn't hard to play, but it's hard to get people to listen and play smart.

If you're a laid back personality that wants to be apart of something to call your NHL 17+ home and want to play actual hockey then please let me know.



  • Had a couple people ask but nothing in stone. It's really hard to find people that just want to join and latch on right?

    I would prefer to find someone that would stick with me for the long term/forever and we just get along and play and have fun. Like an online NHL friend ya know? Not just a join and play for a month or 2 and then bail randomly without saying anything.

    I'm 30ish, and pretty laid back. I don't know if it is just everyone having their own club they are running? Or just no one cares? You'd think it wouldn't be too hard to get a few guys together that all want to stay together?

    I did kinda had that before, but it didn't quite work out. Sadly I do not know anyone that plays this game in real life... so there's that.

    Anyways, here's hoping that this will all work out! Have a great weekend.
  • I would consider myself as well not the best, but also pretty good. Goalie is defiantly not my possition, but I can play anywhere else pretty efficiently. Preferable LD or RD
  • Cool. Msg me on PSN, Supersonic41194.

    Be glad to try y aout. Thanks.
  • Do you still have any spots open?
  • I prefer to play LW, but will gladly play any other position. Goalie isn't my best, but I can definitely do it if needed.
  • Sure, just send a friend req on psn man. Last night people got on way way late so we really didn't play. I'd like to get 8 active/semi active players going, that all stick around and have fun together.

  • I will send you a message tonight. Id like to find a few regulars to play with. I play C, Rd. and Goalie.
  • Hi!
    I'm looking at Free Agency or trying to get people to my own club, Charlestown Chiefs 1977. I thought it would be nice to have a tribute to the meanest hockey team in television history.

    But I, like you, do not have any of my friends playing nhl17 (only BF1 and fifa). I played in Div3 in nhl15 at "Veteran 3" or "Legend" upgrade level. Just got nhl17 this week and currently have about 15+10 in 10 drop-in games .

    I usually play C. Otherwise RW -> LW -> RD -> LD. Never goalie. A pinecone would be better as G than me.

    I would like to play on Europe servers so the game is playable and enjoyable.

    Add me and we'll talk some more.

    PSN: angelpure
    Jersey: #98 Nystrom
    Age: 35
  • There's no way I'd play on Europe servers... and I'm not interested in joining anyone else's club. We have a core that is solidifying itself and we're doing well already.

    Waiting for messages from some of you.
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