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For the love of hockey.

Could you, EA, please undo the terrible tuner changes you made to the EASHL?

Wise people once said: if it isn't broken, don't fix it.

Even wiser people said: if it isn't broken, don't break it.

This was the best year of EASHL ever and now it's like playing with a bunch of mighty mites out there.


  • Player progression and fixing defensive AI are the two things I feel need the most work for next year's release
  • I completely agree. When the game first came out I thought it was awesome. Now with all the fiddling they have done to it it is almost unplayable. If you have ever played hockey, this doesn't doesn't play anything like it anymore. The AI D are beyond awful and the plays that score in real hockey are pretty rare to score on in this version now. Cross crease pass and one timer shot, miraculous save, step over the blue line and blast an un-screened slapper, Goal!!!! Same herp a derp D lets in breakaway after breakaway with the ultra slow turnaround speed and the same hokey breakaway three wiggle move scores every time. It is very difficult to cycle the puck using the D because they more often than not cough it up into a breakaway.Like you said " if it ain't broke don't fix it!" I hate having to relearn how to play the game after every tuner.
  • Man! am I glad I uninstalled this RIGGED garbage game back in December 2016. Last time I ever put a dime on ANYTHING EA. Never seen such PreProgrammed loss and defeats in any other game then NHL, FIFA and Battlefield series. Long live Rockstar, Ubisoft and 2K.
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